“Joy has truly changed my life for the better. It took me about a decade to find the courage to seek counseling for some fairly significant issues, and now I am so thankful that I did. Joy is very caring and easy to talk with, but also gives it to you straight. I am truly thankful for the blessing that Joy has been in my life!”

“Joy has helped me walk through painful situations and experience hope and healing through counseling. She has helped me to continue to see myself as God sees me and move forward in my personal growth process. She truly cares for her clients and provides some of the best counseling I’ve ever experienced.”

“I’ve been with Joy for over 10 years now, and her wisdom never ceases to amaze me! She speaks truth to every situation of life and always points me towards Christ. There’s no question that I wouldn’t be who and where I am today without her in my life!”

“After only a few sessions, I began to trust Joy as a warm, wise, intuitive “friend”. It is rare to find a counselor who values prayer and doesn’t hesitate to share God’s truth through His word. She is very discerning and is helping me understand “ME”… as a wife, mother, and individual. I’m grateful!”

“Joy has helped my husband and I pinpoint communication issues and develop effective problem-solving strategies so that we can be a stronger couple. Joy listens with a sympathetic ear, and she kindly advises us both on where we can grow. We have greatly appreciated her Godly counsel.”
Ryan and Kim

“I was in a very dire situation with a life threatening disease when God brought Joy into my path. The doctors were not giving me much hope but Joy walked with me through the most difficult trial of my life. She helped lift the veils from my eyes and see things in a different light. Her intuitive understanding, prayers, genuine compassion, bantering humor and relentless patience make her the special counselor that she is. She has had a profound effect on my life and I do not believe I would be the person I am today without God’s help and her wise counsel.”

“I came to Joy at a very difficult time in my life, in part due to circumstances beyond my control and in part due to my own choices. Joy helped me to navigate through all of the complexities to a much better place. Her unique combination of professional expertise, wisdom, compassion and spiritual insight was a true blessing.”

“14 years of marriage and 3 kids later, our marriage was on the rocks. We had lost hope and we were trying to find something to hold on to. Joy has offered encouraging words, countless prayers, understanding, a patient heart, laughter at times, and a very intuitive spirit. But most importantly, she has helped us find hope again. We are so very thankful she has walked through the past year with us. No wonder her name is Joy!”
Brad and Victoria